A little love story…

So today is the 15 year anniversary of when my now husband and I shared our first kiss…we’d been to the Barbican to see a Shakespeare play and had a late meal at a little Italian restaurant…it was a good night kiss…

We had met exactly 5 months earlier at the start of term at drama school, he was there studying to be a director, me theatre design. We quickly became very good friends and regularly went out for meals or visited the theatre together. When asked by friends if there was anything between us I would laugh it off saying he was way too tall for me – he’s 6’3 I’m 4’11”!!

That night 15 years ago something changed and as they say the rest is history…we’ve been married now for over 11years and have a gorgeous 7-year-old son. To my amazing husband I love and thank you …here’s to many more years together…

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  1. Rosie, LoveLuxe

    Aww congratulations! 🙂 xx



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