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to help you turn your cake ideas into professional drawings that impress your clients!

You know the story. A couple tries to explain the wedding cake they want.

It all sounds great, and you’re imagining exactly how the cake is going to look like.

 Except, you’re terrible at drawing your ideas on paper.

 And you know that if you try, the drawing is going to look nothing like the cake they’re imagining and even worse, it’s going to make your client go meh…

So you grab a few Pinterest pictures that sort of give the couple an idea, and hope for the best.

Sounds familiar?

If it does, this masterclass is for you!

You can 100% learn to create digital drawings of your cake designs that will WOW your couples and help them visualise exactly what they have in mind.

And yes, you can do that even if you can’t draw on paper.

In this online masterclass you will learn how to use the Procreate app on the iPad to create beautiful sketches of your designs that will elevate your cake business.




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No more struggling to convey your designs to your couples.

No more re-drawing the cake from scratch when the design changes.

No more sending over Pinterest photos to help them visualise it.

After all, you’re not just a cake maker you are a cake designer.

It’s time to show your clients your own original ideas.

“Omg This is amazing. I can’t wait to start playing with this… Thank you!”



Learn how to draw your cake designs using the power of a digital sketch in app.

Know how to use tricks of the app to draw when you think you can’t draw.

Quickly change colours, shapes, ideas to show your couples exactly what the cake will look like.

Have confidence in presenting beautifully drawn cake designs to your couples that inspire and delight.

BEST OF ALL: Elevate your cake business with professionally presented designs


During this masterclass you will:

See how the the app works, its key features, and how to best use them.

Follow me doing a cake design in real time, so you can see how to use the app to make it easy.

Learn my secret tips that will make it even easier, and faster.

 Find out how to export your sketches so you can show them to your couples.

“The digital cake sketching class is amazing…. it’s a game changer!! So useful!”

Shelley’s Cakes


As an experienced wedding planner and designer with a creative streak a mile wide, I’m here to help you bring quality and creativity to the forefront of your wedding brand. With a degree in Theatre Design and over 10 years in the wedding industry, I’m known for my ability to visualise ideas and present them in a way that clients fall in love with. Now I’m bringing this together with my lifelong love of sketching to teach you how to use the iPad to draw your own cake designs, so you can provide your clients with beautiful illustrations of your concepts.

“I asked Andri to come into my membership group, La Belle Cake Academy, to do a training session for my cake makers all about using Procreate to uplevel their cake sketches. All the information was really clear and concise. She made it easy to understand and gave actionable steps. My audience really enjoyed it and have already put a lot of it into action.”

MICHELLE SHULMAN, La Belle cake Academy



Please join my Facebook group “Creative Sketching for Wedding Professionals”

to be the first to know when I put it on again.



Where will the masterclass take place?


The masterclass will be online via zoom and all attendees will have a recording sent to them afterwards to be able to re watch in your own time.

What do I need for the masterclass?


You’ll get the most out of this masterclass if you have an iPad and Apple Pencil – or plan to purchase one soon – because I’ll be showing you how the Procreate app works.

Procreate is only available for iOS but there are other drawing apps available for android tablets so some of the principles, if not the exact actions, will be transferable.

I’ll be using my iPad Pro 12.9 with an Apple Pencil, but any iPad compatible with the Apple Pencil will work.

While you can use your finger on the touch screen, the Apple Pencil allows you much more control and the benefit of the pressure sensitive tips.

What if I don’t have an iPad?

While the focus of the class will be on using one, the basic techniques for drawing cakes can still be used with pencil and paper. If you’ve been considering getting one, the class will be a good introduction to the how the app can be used for drawing. 

How long wil the class be and will there be chance to ask questions?

The class will be up to 2 hours, which will allow time for both questions during the main part of the class and at the end.

I really can’t draw; how will this help me?

There are features of the app that really make it easy for you to create cake drawings, even if you can’t draw and give you the skills and confidence to present clients with beautiful concept designs.  I will also show you how to use my cake templates during the class.

Will you offer support after the class?

Yes, you can ask me any follow up questions in my Facebook group “Creative Sketching for Wedding Professionals” where I also share weekly tutorials and creative exercises.

Is it just for wedding cake designers?

The focus will be on drawing cakes with cake designers in mind but if you are a planner, florist or stylist who likes to include cake design and set up concepts with your overall wedding design and/or would like to know how the Procreate app works then this will be useful too.

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