A paper flower DIY tutorial (part 1)

As I mentioned in my last post I will be at Brides the Show on Saturday 12th October doing a DIY paper flower workshop. When I was deciding what to do I thought it would be a nice idea to use a DIY I had done before but take it a step further. I did this tutorial for Rock and Rock Bride a couple of years ago, it was a real hit and even got featured in the first Rock and Roll Bride magazine (issue 3 has just come out-it’s another beauty! Here is the tutorial again, (in a handy pinnable image) but you’ll have to join me on Saturday to see the how I’ve expanded the tutorial (see a sneak peek below) and I’ll be talking about different ways you can incorporate paper petals into your big day.

What you need:

Shredding Scissors (available here)

Floral tape

Masking or sticky tape

Floral tape (available from Hobbycraft here)

Wooden BBQ skewers


Tear colourful ads from magazines (I like Vogue as they always have loads of full-page double sued ads but any bridal magazine will do)

With the colours, you would like to see more of facing up fold the page in half and then concertina each side back on its self so you have 3 folds

With the folds facing up use the shredding scissors to cut along the strip, do not cut all the way down, leave at least 1cm uncut

Once it’s all cut take a wooden skewer (you can use a thick floral wire if you want more flexibility) and tale the end of the cut paper strip to it. (Depending on whether you are right or left-handed, it will feel better to roll in a certain direction, might just take trial and error to find the best direction to roll in)

The gently twist the skewer as hold the strip to roll it around the skewer, keep the tension tight as twist the skewer and pushing the strip up to form a nice rounded flower head

Once rolled take some more tape and wrap it tightly around the base pulling the paper in at the base.

Finally, take the floral tape, hold one at the base of the flower and pull it round while twisting the skewer, stretching it slightly as you go around and down the length of the skewer

That’s it your completed paper flower, but come and see me on Saturday and I’ll show you how to make this flower into the one below…

Tutorial Photography by Fanni Williams

Paper poppy photo by Always Andri Wedding Design via Instagram

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