A paper flower DIY tutorial (part 2)

So now you’ve made the first part of your paper flower, follow the instructions below to make it into a poppy as shown above…

What you need:

Paper flower from part 1 made with dark/ black & white pages

Red tissue paper

Petal template (download here)


Floral tape

Glue stick


Printout your petal template onto card and cut out

Fold up strips of tissue paper into 5 layers for the small petals and 6 layers for the large petals. Draw around the template

Cut out the petals (5x small, 6x large) from the tissue paper and cut a short split up from the bottom

Glue one side of the split and crossover the two sides to create a shaped petal

Put glue on the base of the petal and stick the petals to the paper flower on the skewer; overlap each petal as you stick it on.

Take your floral tape and cover up the base of the flower where you stuck it to the skewer, pull the tape tightly to secure all the petals in place

Cup the flower head in your hand to scrunch the petals up then gently pull the petals out to form your paper poppy.

There you go your complete tissue paper poppy!

The same templates can be used with different types of papers to create different kinds of flowers. You can even forgo the skewer altogether and just sit the flower straight onto a table.

Photos by Always Andri Wedding Design



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