The easiest way to get answers to any questions you might have is to arrange a chat here. You’ll find some common questions about my approach to wedding and event planning on this page, which may help you out in the meantime.

Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia

I’m not sure I need a wedding planner. What can you do for me?

I think one of the best things about working with me is that my extensive experience and creativity gives you more flexibility and freedom to create a wedding from the ground up. It’s having someone who knows the industry inside and out to guide you, opening your eyes to all the possibilities that you might not even know exist and being your advocate for what really matters to you. It goes without saying that it’s a huge time and stress saver too – it takes an average of around 200 hours to plan a wedding!

Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia


How can we find out more?

The next step is to book a no-strings-attached consultation so that you can tell me what makes you tick and the plans and dreams you have for your big day. I’m not just being nosey, this is how I provide a flexible service built around your needs and you can see for yourself how I respond to your ideas. If that sounds exciting, then we’re a great match! If you prefer to buy into a fixed wedding look with set packages before you make contact, then there are other great planners who do that.

OK, so what exactly does working with a planner entail?

Once you’ve booked me as your wedding planner, I’ll start finding you the perfect venue. Whether you’re after urban warehouse chic, stately home elegance or a rustic festival vibe, I’ll bring you a shortlist of carefully researched options that suit your needs. Next it’s time to get designing. I’ll put together moodboards for each part of the day and bring key elements to life with my signature concept illustrations. We’ll source a talented team of suppliers who nail the design brief and I’ll be on hand to help keep track of everything as the planning progresses, providing you with schedules and timelines, and having regular update calls and meetings. Tell me which tasks you’re not enjoying, and ‘poof’ they’re off your hands. On the day itself you’ll be able to relax knowing I’m there – liaising with suppliers, keeping the schedule running and making sure your focus isn’t diverted from having the best day of your lives.

What sort of weddings do you work on?

I specialise in designing a wedding that’s unique to you, so the short answer is that I work on all sorts of weddings. From boutique hotels and ultra-cool London restaurants, to wild and whimsical teepee weddings, and everything in between. The thread that ties all of these together is my complete focus on my couples. Your guests will walk into your wedding and have that “this is so them” moment.

I’ve got loads of ideas. Will you be able to work with them?

Yes, I love it when you have lots to bring to the table and with my background in design I’m a bit of an expert at pulling together all those ideas. But I’m also part of your team, and my overall goal is to help you translate what you’ve got in your heads into reality, so you don’t need to worry that I’ll take over.


But what if I struggle to visualise things and am totally stuck for inspiration?

You’re not alone and a lot of couples come to me specifically because they can’t picture things easily. This is why concept illustrations have become an essential part of my process – so that you can actually see what ideas will look like ahead of the big day. Once we get chatting, inspiration always comes naturally as I help you join the dots and find design elements that capture your personalities and your love for each other. Hands down, this is my favourite part of the job!

What happens on the wedding day?

From your perspective, you relax and enjoy every moment! I’ll be there throughout the day, taking care of all the details and making sure everything runs on schedule. I’ll be equipped with my trusty lists that detail every tiny aspect of the day. If a supplier has a question, or a guest needs some information, I’m there. That doesn’t mean you’ll see me in the background of all of your photographs – I like to keep a low profile – but I’ll be available to reassure, style, and organise as required.

We don’t live anywhere near where we want to get married.

Juggling time zones, families, and different cultures is totally my thing. I can make life so much easier for you as your team member on the ground with local knowledge and a stellar list of connections. I’ve worked with couples coming from all over the world to get married in London or the South East of England, and we’ve figured out a way to deal with the challenges without any problems. There’s not a lot that can’t be done via video call and email!

OK, I’m interested. How do we move forward from here?

Send me an email, and we’ll get your free consultation booked in to discuss things in more detail.

Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia
Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia


My wedding planning services are designed around you, so get in touch to book a complimentary discovery call. You’ll find out more about how I work and I can put together a quote based on your needs.

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