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If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding full of creativity that speaks to your unique selves but have no idea how to bring all your ideas to life, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’ve thought back to all those weddings you’ve been to and thought, ‘I know what I don’t want’ but you struggle to visualise what you do want.

Or, if you’ve been lucky enough to attend lots of gorgeous, memorable celebrations, you might be struggling not to include all the things in your own day. 

If you’ve never planned a wedding before, then putting together an event for one of the most important days of your lives can be a pretty stressful experience. After all, it’s not like you get married every week or even attend that many weddings over the course of your lifetime. The pressure is real and you wouldn’t be the first couple that felt that way.

Whatever your wedding experience, when it comes to your special day, knowing where to begin and what needs to be done is a confusion many people go through. 

With over a decade of experience, I can promise you that you’re definitely not the first couple to feel this way and maybe one of these situations feels like exactly where you’re at right now: 

◊ You’re dreaming of a beautiful wedding but you feel you need the guidance of an expert to bring your vision to life.   

◊ Have the very loosest of ideas—‘Maybe like a cool London evening wedding… in autumn…maybe black tie?’—and don’t know where to start?

◊ Or are you attempting to organise and plan your day from halfway across the world but need the insider knowledge of a seasoned local wedding planner. 

there is a way

Always Andri brings the vision of your day to life not only through my planning and design services but also through my hand-drawn concept illustrations. Always keeping you both at the centre of it all because you deserve a day that reflects exactly the kind of couple you are. 

Leave all the hard work and organisation to me so you can relax and enjoy the lead up to your wedding day as much as the day itself.


Having the kind of wedding day that truly reflects who you are as a couple

…you’ll remember every personal detail for years to come and your guests will have no doubt that this is your special day!

Listening to your guests rave about the experience and creativity of your day

…because they’ll be talking about it for years to come.

No stress, tension or arguments in the run up to your day

…only fun, feeling relaxed and looking forward to the best day of your lives so far.

it ‘s all possible



Your full wedding planning service that’ll take you from concept to reality while saving you a whole lot of time and stress so you can look back at this time of your lives and remember it just as fondly as the big day itself. 

You’ll tap into over a decade of my experience as a London wedding planner, opening up a world of flexibility and choice for you and your day.

I’ll support you in all areas of your wedding—from finding you the perfect venue to crafting the most exquisitely designed creative wedding, sourcing and managing only the best-curated suppliers. Including regular meetings and updates to keep you on track throughout the entire planning process so you know exactly where we are. 

Your personalised design brief coupled with my signature concept illustrations give you a unique opportunity to see what different elements of your wedding day will look like.  From ceremony decor right through to table set ups, your ideas will come to life beyond any Pinterest board, helping you to visualise your day in stunning artistic detail.


” we couldn’t possibly have had the dreamy wedding we had without your support.  “

We’ve just returned from our honeymoon, where we couldn’t stop talking about how perfect our wedding was. Everything flowed so smoothly, thanks to your planning and hard work. We are so thankful to have had you with us throughout this process. 

So many family and friends have commented on how polished the day was. You were able to perfectly deliver that magical feeling for us and for our guests. 

Thank you for being there for every crazy idea, etiquette question, and obsessive worry. Planning a wedding on the other side of the world wasn’t easy, but was made all the more manageable thanks to you.





While I take the stress of planning off your hands, our time together is very much a collaboration of thoughts and ideas. I want your day to be the truest reflection of who you are as a couple and include all the elements you want, making it the kind of day you’ll always cherish and remember as “this was so us”.


We’ll start by delving into finding out who and what you love. Share your idea of home, what puts a spring in your step, and how you want your day to feel. In return, I promise to take it all in and help you turn it into a unique celebration of your love.



There should be no doubt about whose day your guests are celebrating. From fabulous food and amazing entertainment through to an inspiring venue that sets the tone and mood of your whole day. You can be guaranteed a day of understated luxury and the absolute highest quality. And a vibe that connects your loved ones to who you really are.


priceless moments


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your wedding day, and that goes for how much you’ll invest in your wedding planning services. As a guide, you can expect to pay around 12-15% of your overall budget for full wedding planning (minimum fees apply) but I can quote my specific fee once we’ve figured out how I can help you best.



Every wedding is entirely unique, which means my wedding planning services are designed specifically around you. I book a limited number of weddings per year so I can focus all my creative energy on my couples. To start the process of finding out more, get in touch for a brochure and to arrange a complimentary consultation. 

Who is Andri …

wedding planner Andri Benson seated while drawing on iPad

I’ve been planning weddings since 2010 but my background is in theatre design and I spent 7 years working as a costumier for the BBC. There are a surprising number of parallels between theatre design and wedding planning, and I bring all that experience (and more!) to every couple I work with.

 We’ll work together collaboratively to find out what you do and don’t love so that I can put together a creative design and aesthetic for your day using my bespoke illustrations to help you fully imagine what I’m proposing. I’ll bring all my knowledge and expertise together to really bring the vision of your day to life. 

Not to mention I’ll keep everything from your budget to floorplans and guest lists organised with your personal online planning portal. And I’ll be there styling and coordinating the wedding day with my team, bringing all your plans and ideas to reality.

I love working with couples who are creative and imaginative and love spending time with their friends and family, especially at a great party! My couples typically both love to be involved with the planning process too, but they’re also happy to trust my expertise when they’re not sure which direction to take. 

In more than 10 years of wedding planning, there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done so I’m confident I can help you in every capacity when it comes to giving you a day you’ll always remember! 

The reason it all worked so well is because of you. Plain and simple.  “

I don’t know how to say this better but… 


We had the most amazing day, despite the fact that the weather got in the way of so many of our plans! We’ve been saying it to each other, and to everyone else… We owe so much to you! You were the best addition to our wedding. You can make all the right decisions and spend crazy amounts of money, but unexpected things can and will happen on the day (as we learnt) that can throw it all off track… but you made sure that didn’t happen.



what’s included…

From concept to reality, I’ll help you bring together all the elements that make up a perfect wedding day.

kick off meeting

We’ll get started by diving deep into your needs and wants for your wedding, focusing on your venue and the overall vision for your day. I’ll walk you through the planning process and what the next steps will be. 

I’ll also introduce you to your personal online planning portal where we’ll keep track of all the wedding admin, from all your supplier contacts and guests to table plans and budget tracking.


Whether you want a chic London party venue or a manor house in the country, I’ll work with you to decide what you want before going in search of the perfect venue that meets all your needs.

You’ll get a shortlist of venues that I feel best match your requirements, saving you hours of time so you can get straight to the fun part, choosing which one you love most!

creative vision

Is your vision for your big day as distinctive and clear in your mind as a photograph or do you have the vaguest of ideas and no clue where to start? I’ll put together a design concept that reflects your personal style and creates the perfect mood and tone you want to convey for your beloved guests.

My bespoke illustrations and mood boards give you a real sense of what the day will look like in glorious, colourful detail.

Your dream Team

Now we know what we’re aiming for, I’ll tap into my extensive network of incredible suppliers to find you the ultimate team to bring your vision to life. You’ll be presented with a shortlist of the best suppliers so you can enjoy browsing through photography portfolios and tasting all those delicious cake samples.

finishing touches

Leave it to me to go through everything to make sure your day will be everything you imagined. I’ll liaise with suppliers, finalise seating plans and guest information, do a final venue walk through and put together a timeline that ensures everyone is on the same page.

Time To Celebrate!

I’ll be there coordinating your wedding day from set up to take down, along with my team, making sure everyone is where they should be and every detail has been tweaked to perfection.

Now it’s time for you to kick back and enjoy the day as it unfolds!

are you wondering….


The easy answer is, in most cases yes I will be! After spending however long it’s been working with you to design, plan and execute your special day, it’s important to me that I be there taking care of all the details and making sure it all runs on schedule, as promised. I’ll be on hand with all my lists and my eye for all the details dealing with any issues that might arise, answering questions or handing out information as needed, and I do it all tucked away out of sight so you can just get on relaxing and enjoying every moment of your day. For some weddings, where only an experienced coordinator is needed, one of my trusted associates will take the lead to run your day.

Do you work with a team?

From the moment you book up until the day of your wedding, you can expect to work with me on a one-to-one basis as we put our heads together and collaborate to bring you the day you’ve always dreamed of. On the day itself, a whole team of people will come together to bring your vision to life, including the incredible suppliers that I’ll have brought together for you. My own personal team also assists on the day to make sure everything is as it should be. The number of people involved will depend on the size and complexity of your day but there are usually around 2-4 people assisting and making sure everything runs smoothly. 


Have you worked at our venue before?

As a wedding planner with over 10 years of experience, I’ve been lucky enough to work at a huge range of different venues, in London and around the South East. My experience ranges from iconic London venues, such as Banqueting House and Fitzrovia Chapel, with strict rules and regulations right through to relaxed rural venues for multi-day events, such as Bury Court and Elmley Nature Reserve. This means I carry a lot of knowledge and skills which allows me to work in just about any location so, even if I haven’t worked at your particular venue before, you can be assured you’re in very safe hands.

Any other questions? Check out my FAQs here.


is this the wedding planning service for you?

We should talk if…

◊  You’ve got strong ideas about what you want but absolutely no idea how to execute them

◊  You’ve got the merest hint of a sniff of an idea of what you want and need help turning that into the wedding of your dreams

◊  You’re planning a wedding in the UK from overseas and are struggling to know how to do that effectively

wedding planner Andri Benson sitting on a sofa

love andri  xoxo

I’m Andri and I’m super lucky to be able to work with couples who are planning one of the most joyful days of their lives. 

I know how overwhelming a head full of ideas and inspiration can be when it comes to pulling it all together for your big day. You want a distinctive day that’s truly personal to you as a couple and gives you and your family memories you’ll look back on with so much love and happiness. 

There are so many things to consider—venue, suppliers, guests and more—as well as the expectations of what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do, not to mention how much of an investment you’re making in all these different areas of the day.

I know how stressful weddings can be to plan because it’s likely that you’ve never had to plan a wedding before (and if you have, it’s not the kind of thing you do on a weekly or even monthly basis!). 

The thing is, I quickly learned that being able to combine logistics and creativity as a wedding planner was something I very much enjoyed. It taps into all my strengths—my organisational skills and my love of research and planning, as well as my passion for creating beautiful illustrations that nail exactly what clients are thinking in their heads but don’t know how to describe or visualise. 

I also adore looking outside of the wedding industry for inspiration for your wedding day—from architecture and art, to fashion and furniture trends, there’s a wealth of ideas and influences to draw from and I love being able to showcase that to my couples when they’re deciding on how they want their own day to look. 

Ultimately, I believe that every wedding is completely unique because it’s a reflection of the two of you—your likes and dislikes, your personalities both individually and as a couple and of your love. So, let’s create something that’s entirely yours that you’ll remember forever. 

If you are interested in my wedding or party planning services, please fill out the form below, as fully as you can.

For all other enquiries please email me directly on andri.benson@alwaysandri.co.uk

Just a little note about your data: Once you get in touch with me I will respond within 48 hours and then follow up a week after. If I don’t hear from you after that your details will be removed from my system and I won’t contact you again. I also never give anyone’s data to third parties. If you book with me then your data will be stored in my system with Aisle Planner for future reference along with your paperwork from our time working together which you will always have access to. Again, your details will never be shared with any third parties. If you wish to read our privacy policy you can find it HERE


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