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Wedding Gift List - Always Andri

Last week I spoke to Zsofia from BLUE RIBBON luxury wedding gift list about the company and the service they offer to couples. Today I’m joined by her co-founder Esther Rulli who is going to delve a little deeper into choosing the right gifts for your list.

Wedding Gift List Ideas - Always Andri

Sieger by Furstenburg Dinnerware

Usually, to help the couples decide on the items they’d like to include in their registry, BLUE RIBBON consultants would have an initial conversation to help the couples visualise their future lives. During your consultations, how do you help your couples compile a list that is just right for them?

We take our time to really get to know and understand our couples. We ask them to think about what kind of life do they live; we ask them to describe their week, their favourite pastimes. Do they love to entertain friends and family or do they mostly eat out, depending on that we would suggest the most suitable kitchenware or some amazing, beautiful and durable Japanese knives. What kind of food do they like? We can suggest some very special pasta plates or silver-dipped chopsticks. Do they like spending winter evenings by the fire place – we would point to some incredible cashmere throws and chic cushions, and perhaps mention some hand-cut crystal glasses and decanters. Perhaps the bride loves having her family over for some tea – we offer exquisite tea sets and cake platters. What is their dream holiday? We may suggest some amazing pool towels or the lightest eiderdown duvets that are perfect for a chalet break.

Wedding Gift List Ideas - Always Andri

Vera Wang for Wedgwood Dinnerware

Taste is a very personal matter. How do you go about advising a couple about a particular style?

We work with the couple to understand what are the things that inspire them; what is the style of the items that they already own – be it furniture, clothes, cars or art. In our experience, brides tend to choose very classical, simple and understated pieces, and our edit is biased towards the elegant and timeless taste. We do like a pop of colour and modern, chic things, and we love to share our “hidden gems” with our couples.

Wedding Gift List Ideas - Always Andri

Arca Bathroom Sets

What is the biggest mistake that the couples usually make?

A common mistake that we see is that some couples do not open a gift list at all. It is understandable – you would not want to impose on your guests, especially if they had to travel to your wedding. However, even in the cases where there are no registered gift lists, or perhaps there is a honeymoon fund, or a charity fund, instead, some guests, and especially family, will always want to gift something. Guests really do want to feel that they contributed something meaningful, special, and lasting to the couple.

We would suggest opening a list, and mentioning in the invite that the couple do not expect any gifts at all, but should the guest really want to gift them something that they will treasure, the suggestions can be found here. This way the guest is assured that the gift will be appreciated and valued, and the couple would feel comfortable that they have not offended anyone, while avoiding being gifted some unwanted items.

If you’re looking for a first-class wedding gift list with an unparalleled range of beautiful homeware gifts from over 50 luxury brands that ships worldwide and with amazing customer service then do take a look at BLUE RIBBON Company.
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