5 Hanging/Elevated Floral Wedding Installation Ideas

Floral installations at weddings have risen to a whole new level in recent years (pun intended!), with hanging and elevated designs becoming increasingly popular. And when my couples are looking for distinctive floral installations to create an unforgettable visual design at their wedding – I usually point them towards hanging or elevated ideas.

Hanging and elevated floral installations make a visual impact you can’t really replicate with other arrangements. They create space on tables – something foodies (like me) appreciate, as it leaves room for more than just a feast for the senses. They become focal points. And they give greater scope for flexibility…you can have one incredible main installation on the top table, and then less elsewhere.

So, now that I’ve convinced you a hanging or elevated floral wedding installation is the way to go (and let’s face it, you didn’t need much convincing), here are five design ideas to give you inspiration…

Dried Flower Cloud

sketch of hanging dried flower arrangement wedding tablescape

I’m a firm believer in breaking out of the box and dried flower installations at your wedding certainly stand out from the norm. Suspend them above tables and your visuals go from interesting to absolutely amazing!

This textural, hanging dried flower cloud in muted soft tones adds substance and artistic drama to your décor. Beauty doesn’t always come in new and shiny packages. Dried florals create a warm yet a little bit edgy atmosphere.

Elevated Foliage

elevated foliage table display wedding tablescape Always Andri Sketch

Who said hanging or elevated wedding floral installations have to include flowers? Throw out what you think you should do. Do what you want to do. A feature made entirely of foliage, elevated on gold stands, adds bucket loads of personality to your wedding. It’s also a great idea for creating a fresh, ‘outside-in’ guest experience.

Bold? Yes. Forgettable? No way.

You can even up the ambience by adding hanging tea-light baubles.

Floral Table Backdrop

A floral backdrop for your top table, or sweetheart table in this case, creates a beautiful feature for your wedding photos. I’m sure you will have seen many photos of top tables during speeches with bare walls behind, and it’s less than inspiring. Bespoke floral backdrops, on the other hand, add romantic detail to those memorable shots.

This design idea is created using a copper frame. It elevates the wedding flowers and gorgeously frames the couple sat in front.

Ultimate Hanging Flowers + Foliage

The ultimate idea in hanging floral wedding installations: flowers + foliage.

This concept is a full on, suspended installation with big impact. It’s abundantly romantic. Textural and celebratory. Forward thinking and simply exquisite.

It takes a talented florist to create a display of this quality (lucky I know a few!). But when done well, a hanging flower and foliage installation provides the elegant and dynamic focal point dreams are made of.

Marquee Garlands

Fun and atmospheric flowers don’t always go hand-in-hand with marquees. That is, unless you hire an expert, creative wedding planner like me.

Foliage and flower garlands, looped along a wire, add texture and colour that can really make a marquee come alive. They work especially well in traditional pole marquees. It’s the kind of understated luxury guests won’t expect from a marquee wedding. And the perfect way to create that party atmosphere.

Hanging Hoop

Another dynamic option for marquee flowers is hanging hoops. Their shape gives them an elegant romance, but they also feel creative and celebratory. 

This design, with a hanging hoop suspended over folding chairs and a wooden table, takes the idea of a garden party, marquee wedding to a new exquisite level. The overall vision is still laidback and inviting. But the hanging hoop instantly tells guests they’re in for something special.

If you would like help designing your own hanging or elevated wedding floral installations, or need help with your wedding concept as a whole – why not get in touch and say hello?

Table Templates + Concept Sketches

All these design ideas were created using my table templates. If you would like to try your hand at designing your own hanging or elevated wedding floral installations (or any celebratory tablescape) you can purchase my table templates shop to use yourself.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling inspired after seeing my sketches above – I can create a bespoke concept sketch just for you. Take a look at my creative services here to find out more.

looking for more hanging floral wedding installation ideas, take a look at my Pinterest board

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