A to Z of Wedding Planning H for Honeymoon

Welcome to this week A to Z of wedding planning videos, today it’s H for Honeymoon:

Your honeymoon may be after the wedding but often an integral part of your wedding planning, here are a few of my quick tips:

Do think about what your budget will be?

Are you going to blow your budget and go all out somewhere extravagant or be a bit more restrained depending on how much your spending on the wedding itself? If the budget is tight, do you want to consider adding it as part of your wedding gift list- a lot of couples these days already have all they need for their home and it might feel awkward to ask for money. There are lots of great services out there now that let you add honeymoon options to your gift list. What’s nice about these service guests aren’t just giving you money but giving you experiences while on your honeymoon- like a buying a dinner for two, romantic candlelit dinner, a safari ride, etc- quite nice as they feel they are contributing to something quite specific rather than just giving money towards it

What kind of honeymoon do you want?

Will it be a relaxing beach break so you can let your hair down or maybe you’re not that kind of couple and that’s not the kind of honeymoon you want. Don’t be tied into the expectations of what a honeymoon should be. Think about what you love doing, maybe you’re more of the adventurous type- love a walking/trekking holiday. What do you usually like doing on holiday? If you want to combine 2 different types of holidays e.g. a beach and something very active I’d advise booking the active part first followed by beach rest.

Where to start?

When thinking about where to do do look at honeymoon brochure but also look at guide books, travel blogs as well and think about all the amazing places you’ve always wanted to visit- think of your honeymoon as opportunity to visit some of those bucket list locations

When booking…

When you come to book your honeymoon, tell everyone it is your honeymoon, may get some extra honeymoon perks/upgrades thrown in- champagne welcome, tell everyone and make the most if it

Where are you going?

Look at the forecast for that location e.g.  don’t book a honeymoon to Caribbean if your wedding is around hurricane season- bear the time of year in mind

Are you going to be change your name?

How do you want to be welcomed on your honeymoon?  When are you going to do it? You can pre-change your name, on your passport, will you? If you do change your passport before wedding day just make sure everything matches when booking – tickets, insurance etc


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have an amazing honeymoon, take the pressure off, remember it’s just a great holiday, first of many amazing shared experiences you will have together so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

There you go this week’s A to Z of wedding planning tips, H for Honeymoons. Do get in touch with me today if you want any more wedding planning advice I’d love to help!

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