A to Z of Wedding Planning O for Overwhelm and Options

This week’s A to Z of Wedding Planning is O for Overwhelm and Options, no time to watch the video? See the transcript below:

Hi and welcome back to my A to Z wedding planning. I’m Andri Benson of Always Andri Wedding Design, London based creative wedding planner. This week we’re carrying on with my little A to Z of Wedding Planning and I’m kind of using two words today. I wanted to talk about O, for Overwhelm and Options, I think they’re quite connected. I thought we’d look at them together.

One of the great things about planning your wedding these days is the amazing number of options of things that are available for you when you are planning your wedding but as great as they are, they can also be incredibly overwhelming. So I wanted to give you just few tips to a have a little think about ways you can help decrease that overwhelm when you’re looking at all the options.

Options, options, options…

What I really wanted to say is – it’s great to have those options and don’t ever forget that you have got lot of options. Don’t be afraid to look out the box when you’re considering the sort of things that are going on in your venue. What sort of tableware that’s available. There’s so many things now, you can have different types of crockery and cutlery and glassware, chairs, I’m a big fan of really choosing the chair that’s appropriate to your venue. I think that’s something that’s a really good option of out there now that you can actually have a chair that is suitable to the venue. The kind of vibe that you’re having on your wedding day. And sometimes even just the smallest change can just really make everything feel just a bit more personalised, a bit more meaningful to what you want for your wedding.

But obviously with so many choices out there, it can be really overwhelming. I would say when you’re looking at something, take it step by step, look at things one by one and break things down to the best of three. Because this is how I do it with my clients. I never give them more than maybe three options for anything when they’re making any kind of decision.

Three is the magic number

Whether that be a supplier, higher item or venue. Very much just stick it to three. Three very much is a magic number. A magic number when you’re styling and a magic number when you’re looking at options. What I will say, “Yep, you can have a long list but try and quickly narrow that list down to maybe three options.” And then I think that really helps to reduce that overwhelming feeling of like, oh my God, there’s so much choice. What do we do?

This just makes it a lot easier. And like I say, there’s so many lovely options available to you. Don’t feel like you have to have them all. Again, maybe just pick three elements that you want to change. You might not be able to have a full set of tableware that you’re hiring in and different crockery and cutlery and linen etc You might not be able to have all of those options but maybe one or two things you can change. Maybe you can just add a nice coloured water glass or just change your napkin colour. If you can’t go all the way in terms of what you want to change just pick one of two key elements.

That’s what my little tip is for today in terms of trying to reduce that overwhelm. Narrow your options down. Maybe think of it in terms of threes because that’s quite handy but don’t forget there are lots of options out there it’s just a case of kind of restricting the overwhelm and narrowing down what those options are.

Well I hope that was a helpful tip this week and I’ll see you next tiime. Take care.

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