Always loves: creative escort cards

Following my blog post on creative table plans, this week we’re tackling escort cards.

Escort cards are an excellent way to show your personality and style throughout your wedding and are a great alternative to table plans. They are a great opportunity to get really creative with both the design and theme of the day and from a practical point of you if you have any last-minute guest changes it’s a lot easier to change an escort card than a whole table plan.

But wait what are escort cards you may be asking? Escort cards are a US alternative to the table plan where rather than a single board (or multiple boards) that list the guests’ name by table or alphabetically, with escort cards each guest has their own “card” (as you’ll see below you’re not limited to cards), which will say their name and designated table name/number.

An escort card can also be a lovely keepsake for your guest to remember your wedding by and makes a great alternative to favours too.

Whether you’re a modern, classic or boho bride this list has something for everyone.

paper goods

To start with something classic, traditional calligraphy escort cards, elegant and timeless.

Photography by Leslie Gilbert Photography via Wedding Wire and Rebecca Yale Photography via Style Me Pretty

A minimal modern display board with classic escort cards.

Photography by 5ive15ifteen Photo Company via WedLuxe and Abbi Jiu Photography via Style Me Pretty

Escort cards in envelopes also give you an opportunity to add a personal message to your guests

Photography by Tanya Menoni via Style Me Pretty and Aaron Delesie via Brides

These geometric cards are beautiful, the beehive shape is fun and unique and great style for an art deco inspired wedding day.

Photography by Apryl Ann via Style Me Pretty and Whimsie Photo and Video via Hey Wedding Lady

physical escort cards

As I said above you’re not limited to cards, in these examples the couples used agate geode slices. A lovely way to inject some good energy into your special day, perfect for a boho style wedding.

Photography by Katherine Miles Jones via Style Me Pretty and Carmen Santorelli Studio via Style Me Pretty

An escort card and a refreshment? Yes please. Grab a cup and serve yourselves a drink!

Photography by Victoria Carlson Photography via Wedding Day Ready and Jana Williams Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Flowers and vases are a great idea as they not only give your guests a little token of your affection but will brighten up your tables.

Photography by Marianne Taylor

Individual glass boxes can be a very romantic touch and lovely keepsake from the wedding.

Photography by Jose Villa via The Wedding of my Dreams and Sally Pinera via Style Me Pretty

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your lives together. Having an actual physical representation of some of your favourite things is a fun and unique way to celebrate this.

Photography by Tory Williams Photography via Style Me Pretty and Elaine Palladino Photography via The Every Last Detail

As always there are so many other styles and designers I wish I could share with you, but do take a look at my Pinterest board for more ideas and make sure to check out my previous blog post Always Loves: Creative Table Plans .



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