Guide to bespoke wedding dress design

A wedding dress just for you

Last time we looked at the wedding dress options that are available from bridal boutiques but today I wanted to look at designer dress boutiques and independent dress designers who offer truly bespoke wedding dress designs.

Are you looking for a dress that no-one else has or a beautifully fitting dress made just for you?

Then you need to head to the designer showrooms and boutiques that offer a true made to measure service or go to an independent dress designer. Here you will be able to choose from having a dress made to measure from a range of styles or a truly bespoke dress designed with you in mind.

bespoke dress desing being fitted by maker

Designer made to measure

A Made to Measure dress will be one of the designers’ sample dresses made completely from scratch for you from your measurements. The designer will take all of your measurements to include your bust, waist, nape to back, height and around 15 other measurements. This service usually has two to five fittings depending on how the individual designer works.

Most designers will make you a toile first which is in essence; a mock-up of your dress in a similar fabric to that of your actual dress. Toiles are usually only short dresses to make sure everything fits correctly, the seams are in the right place and that you, the customer is happy with the style that has been created.

Made to Measure provides you with a wonderfully fitting dress that you know is what you want. You will have seen the dress come together and more often than not been able to make small changes along the way to perfect the shape and fit.

Bespoke designed dresses

If you have looked around and not found anything that really makes you feel special you could consider having a bespoke dress made. A bespoke dress is one that is designed and made especially for you by the wedding dress designer. A one off that no-one else has. It can be a truly wonderful service for those of you brave enough to put your trust in your designer. You will also need to have a good budget for your wedding dress as most designers’ bespoke services start from £3000.

As these dresses are creations that are different from the designers’ samples, they will be more expensive and require more time and more fittings. The designer will be starting completely from scratch; to not only design your dress but to create the pattern too and possibly even be making something for the first time.

Make sure if you decide to embark down this route that you and your designer are completely on the same level, that they totally understand what you want. Don’t assume anything. We all see things differently in our head; you may see something one way and the designer could see it completely differently. Be absolutely sure you have explained yourself properly and have been understood. The process will be the same as above with toile being made first so make sure you use this opportunity to speak up about any design details you’re not sure about.

Your dress journey should be a special time for you, one that you enjoy, treasure and remember. You want to be able to put your dress on and not only look fabulous but feel amazing too.

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Guide to bespoke wedding dress design







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