Introduction to my new Concept Illustration Services

Before venturing into the wedding industry (over 10 years ago) I worked in theatre design, with all its wonderfully eclectic and unique ideas. And, as a creative wedding planner, I’ve had the pleasure of designing and working on some incredibly inspirational weddings and shoots over the years. I’ve worked with countless creative suppliers and know what it takes to give a memorable service to clients. However, during my time in the wedding industry, I’ve had a little twitch in my heart. I’ve wanted to release even more of my creative side. In the past 12-18 months I’ve been exploring my lifelong love of sketching. And I’m excited to introduce my new Concept illustration service.

The wedding industry is very visual, and couples love to be enticed by gorgeous imagery. As a wedding professional, it can be difficult to present ideas to clients (especially new and inventive concepts) without photographic examples of similar designs. My Creative Services offer the perfect way for wedding and event industry professionals to present their design ideas to clients – through hand-drawn, digital concept illustrations.


Whether you are a fellow wedding planner wanting to present an entire reception plan to a couple, a florist needing tablescape illustrations that bring your ideas to life, or a cake designer looking for imagery that does your creations justice – I can help. In fact, my beautiful hand-drawn digital illustrations create a high-end client experience for anyone wanting to present their design ideas.

Forget spending time trying to draw concepts yourself, when you’d rather be doing what you love. Using my iPad Procreate app I can create a bespoke, fully rendered concept illustration {insert link} for you in approximately 2-4 weeks (depending on my schedule). Providing you with a high-res jpeg you can then print or use digitally to communicate your ideas.

Including bespoke concept illustrations in your presentations, not only minimises miscommunication but helps your clients clearly visualise your designs. It also creates a level of service, second to none. And instils a confidence that standard mood-boards and floor plans simply can’t achieve.


Sometimes, you don’t need a fully rendered illustration and quick and simple imagery is best. You might be putting together a proposal and need to suggest multiple design options, or perhaps you are simply working to a tight deadline and want a fast visual with less detail.

My quick sketches {insert link} (add custom link #) are hand-drawn on my iPad Procreate app and are a great way to help your clients fall in love with your ideas. Giving you simple but high-quality illustrations in as little as 24-48 hours (depending on my schedule). And, because I understand how busy you are, I’ve streamlined the way we work together. My quick sketches are provided in bundles of up to four illustrations, via WhatsApp.


During and after a client’s wedding or event, you might also have a need for bespoke illustrations. {insert link} Whether you want unique and memorable imagery for on the day stationery, or a gift to give your clients that will leave a lasting impression. My bespoke illustration service can create the impact you’ve been looking for.

From bouquets to venues, and cakes to couples – I’ve sketched them all. Using a photo as a reference, and my iPad Procreate app, I can create either a full-colour illustration or something stylised, in black and white.


Too limited on time to create an illustration from scratch? Simply need a starting point to be able to sketch yourself? My tablescape templates offer you a range of popular wedding and event setups to use and adapt to your needs.

Present high-quality visuals to every client. Simply download and print as many times as you like, then sketch in your own details. With a variety of table and chair styles, you can add ideas directly on top of the outlines or trace over them to suit your design.

They are perfect for florists, stylists, and wedding planners, needing to sketch different concepts during client meetings. And they save you time, removing the need to redraw the basic table and chair structure every time.

Available to purchase right now, in bundles of 6 – just visit the Template Shop.

Wedding and event professionals can commission one of my concept illustration services, by contacting me to check availability.

If you are in the wedding industry and are interested in creative tips and drawing inspiration, join my Facebook group Creative Sketching for Wedding Professionals.

At Always Andri we are passionate about making your wedding day truly memorable. With 15 years of experience wedding planning in London, we specialise in creating a distinctive celebration of your love story while saving you a whole lot of time and stress.

If you’re ready to transform your wedding day vision into a reality, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas and let us bring it to life. Visit our wedding planning services to explore how we can help you and view our portfolio of past weddings in London and the southeast.

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