Top London Garden Wedding Venues With Outdoor Space

Dreaming of a wedding that seamlessly blends urban chic with natural beauty? Ditch the compromise; London offers an abundance of exquisite garden venues boasting breathtaking outdoor spaces, perfect for discerning couples like yourselves.

Don’t let the city’s vibrant energy fool you – amidst the iconic landmarks and bustling streets lie hidden havens of greenery, waiting to host your unforgettable celebration. Whether you’re a lifelong Londoner or a recent transplant, these exquisite London garden venues offer the perfect blend of urban sophistication and lush outdoor spaces, ideal for couples seeking a truly unique and magical wedding experience.

This month’s venue edit takes you on a journey through some of London’s most charming outdoor wedding venues. From hidden gardens tucked away in historic estates to rooftop terraces boasting panoramic cityscapes, these garden havens cater to every desire. So, if you crave a touch of countryside charm amidst the city’s buzz, prepare to be enchanted by these ten London gems that seamlessly blend nature’s beauty with urban elegance.

Ready to discover your perfect London garden venue? Dive in and let the romance begin!


Chelsea Physic Garden

Chlesea Physic Gardens London's top 10 wedding venues with great outdoor spaces
Chelsea Physic Garden by Rebecca Goddard Photography

Immerse yourselves in the rich history and captivating beauty of Chelsea Physic Garden, London’s oldest botanical paradise, and create a wedding celebration that transcends the ordinary. Nestled beside the River Thames, this four-acre sanctuary, established in 1673, boasts over 5,000 fascinating plant and flower species, offering a breathtaking backdrop for your love story to unfold.

Say “I do” amidst the fragrant blooms, surrounded by ancient trees and meticulously maintained gardens. Chelsea Physic Garden is available for exclusive hire, allowing you to transform this pristine London garden venue into your dream wedding setting. Host a grand ceremony under a luxurious marquee on the expansive lawn, or gather your loved ones for an intimate blessing in the dedicated indoor space, accommodating up to 70 guests.

Embrace the versatility of this unique London garden venue. Partner with your preferred vendors to curate an unforgettable experience, from exquisite catering under the open sky to elegant floral arrangements inspired by the surrounding botanical wonders. For a truly seamless celebration, consider conducting the legal ceremony at nearby Chelsea Town Hall before sweeping your guests away for an enchanting blessing and reception within the garden’s magical embrace.

Chelsea Physic Garden offers a one-of-a-kind setting for discerning couples seeking a wedding that is both luxurious and infused with the timeless charm of nature. So, step back in time and create memories that will bloom forever in this enchanting London garden venue.

Take a look at the secret garden photoshoot I designed at Chelsea Physic Gardens here

The Garden Museum

Garden Museum London's top 10 wedding venues with great outdoor spaces
Garden Museum by Hamish Irvin Photography

Nestled within a deconsecrated church in Lambeth, The Garden Museum offers a one-of-a-kind London garden venue for your wedding celebration. This Grade II listed building, transformed into a haven dedicated to the art and history of British gardens, exudes a whimsical and dramatic ambience perfect for couples seeking something truly unique.

Immerse yourselves in the verdant embrace of the Sackler Garden, designed by renowned garden maestro Dan Pearson. Mingle with your guests amidst fragrant blooms and lush greenery, sipping on refreshing drinks and indulging in delectable canapés as your wedding unfolds. As the sun dips below the horizon, step inside the majestic nave, where soaring vaulted ceilings, lofty arches, and stained-glass windows create an awe-inspiring backdrop for your reception.

This enchanting London garden venue accommodates up to 120 guests and offers the perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary elegance. Tie the knot bathed in the soft glow of natural light, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the captivating stories whispered by the museum’s collection. Collaborate with your chosen caterers to curate a bespoke menu that complements the venue’s unique character, from seasonal delights to botanical-inspired creations.

Located just a ten-minute stroll from both Waterloo and Victoria stations, The Garden Museum offers easy access for your guests while providing a tranquil escape from the city’s bustle. So, if you envision a wedding that celebrates nature’s beauty and artistic expression, look no further than this exceptional London garden venue. Let your love story blossom amidst the vibrant greens and captivating history of The Garden Museum.

London Wetland Centre

Exchange vows surrounded by whispering reeds and soaring birdsong at London Wetland Centre, a secluded 105-acre wildlife haven minutes away from the bustling heart of Hammersmith. Leave the city behind and step into a majestic London garden venue teeming with life, where tranquil lakes, vibrant wildflower meadows, and diverse birdlife create a truly unforgettable backdrop for your wedding celebration.

For your wedding ceremony, choose from the charming thatched Wetland Living room, perfect for intimate ceremonies with up to 42 guests, or the expansive Observatory with its panoramic windows and split-level deck, ideal for larger gatherings.

Continue your celebration in the Water’s Edge, a light-filled haven for your wedding reception. Accommodating 110 guests, this picturesque London garden venue boasts elegant interiors and a spacious wooden terrace adorned with breathtaking views.

The London Wetland Centre is a unique London garden venue that offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural escape, making it ideal for couples who crave a wedding that is both intimate and unforgettable. So, if you seek a celebration that reflects your love for nature and each other, look no further than this hidden oasis in the heart of the city. Let your love story bloom amidst the beauty of the London Wetland Centre.

The Art Pavillion Mile End

Imagine Bilbo Baggins trading the Shire for an urban adventure, and you might just arrive at this earth-sheltered marvel. With its grassy roof blending seamlessly into the landscape, this unique London garden venue embodies the perfect fusion of urban chic and countryside charm.

This versatile London garden venue seamlessly blends urban elegance with the charm of nature’s embrace. Step inside the airy and modern interior, bathed in natural light thanks to the panoramic windows. Let your gaze wander across the tranquil lake, reed beds, and lush greenery of Mile End Park, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your vows.

Exchange vows amidst the serenity of nature, with the park’s vibrant greenery framing your special moment. This fully licensed venue can accommodate up to 260 guests, offering ample space for both intimate ceremonies and grand celebrations. Imagine your loved ones gathered around you, witnessing the start of your forever journey, surrounded by the gentle whispers of nature.

Art Pavilion Mile End is your blank canvas, ready to be transformed into the wedding of your dreams. Collaborate with your chosen suppliers to curate a bespoke experience, from exquisite catering to breathtaking floral arrangements that complement the venue’s natural aesthetic. As the sun sets, let the park’s twinkling lights illuminate your celebration, creating a magical atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.

The Art Pavilion Mile End offers a unique experience for discerning couples seeking a wedding that is both stylish and infused with the magic of nature.

Hampstead Pergola

Hampstead Pergola one of London garden wedding venues

This hidden gem in the heart of Hampstead Heath, the brainchild of a visionary Edwardian lord, offers a glorious escape for your London wedding ceremony.

Picture your ceremony unfolding on the raised gardens, surrounded by the captivating beauty of nature. The elaborate stone walkway leads you to a domed rotunda, creating a dramatic backdrop for your vows. With two-hour hire slots available, Hampstead Pergola caters to intimate gatherings, ensuring your celebration feels personal and heartfelt.

Let your guests mingle under the dappled sunlight, sipping drinks amidst the lush greenery. Immerse yourselves in the romantic ambience, where history whispers in the rustling leaves and the scent of blooming flowers fills the air. This hidden gem offers a unique escape within the city, allowing you to celebrate your love story in a setting that is both grand and intimate.

Hampstead Pergola offers a unique blend of grandeur and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a London garden venue for their wedding ceremony.

Clissold House

Clissold House

Clissold House is a captivating 18th-century mansion nestled within the tranquil embrace of Clissold Park. Step through the grand porticoed entrance and be transported to a world of refined elegance: light-filled rooms adorned with marble fireplaces, a breathtaking spiral staircase, and serene views stretching across the park’s lush greenery.

This sought-after London venue seamlessly blends historic charm with modern-day convenience. Choose from two licensed ceremony rooms, each accommodating up to 60 guests for an intimate and heartfelt exchange of vows.

Beyond the enchanting interiors, Clissold Park unfolds with its own magic. Wander amidst the serene fountains and a glistening lake – a captivating backdrop for your outdoor wedding photographs. Envision your guests mingling on the terrace, laughter echoing through the air as they bask in the tranquil park surroundings.

Clissold House seamlessly blends historic charm with modern amenities, providing a unique and sought-after London garden wedding venue. So, step away from the city’s hustle and bustle, and let your love story unfold in this enchanting countryside haven, just moments away from the vibrant life of London.

Ravens Ait Island

If you think London’s not the place for an island wedding, think again. Ravens Ait Island offers a two-acre oasis for your London wedding, complete with beautifully manicured gardens, wooden decking stretching onto the Thames, and endless riverside photo opportunities. This enchanting London garden venue caters to every dream.

Embrace the versatility of this unique London garden venue. Opt for an al fresco celebration under a spacious marquee, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Or, choose one of the two airy and modern function rooms, both licensed for ceremonies and accommodating up to 250 guests. Imagine exchanging vows bathed in soft light, the gentle murmur of the river serenading your special moment.

Have your ceremony with the sun-kissed Thames as your backdrop, followed by laughter-filled receptions on the wooden deck as the sun dips below the horizon. Imagine the romance – your own private island celebrating your love amidst natural beauty.

Ravens Ait Island offers an unforgettable experience, unlike any other London venue. So, step onto your island paradise and let your wedding day unfold in a setting that is both unique and breathtaking.

Morden Hall

Couple walking in gardens of Morden Hall one of the top 10 wedding London garden wedding venues
Modern Hall by Eva Tarnok Photography

The space, tranquillity and exclusivity that Morden Hall offers is a rare find anywhere, but given that this is a venue that’s comfortably on the tube map it becomes even more impressive. This 18th-century manor house, nestled within 125 acres of National Trust parkland, offers a private oasis for your wedding celebration.

Have your ceremony under the soft glow of natural light in the Willow Suite, a charming haven painted in duck egg blue and perfect for up to 120 guests. Afterwards, wander through private gardens, brimming with manicured lawns and a romantic wrought iron bridge over the meandering River Wandle. This idyllic setting is exclusively yours for the day, ensuring an intimate and unforgettable experience.

With a range of stunningly restored rooms available for ceremonies and receptions, you can curate your dream wedding at Morden Hall; a world of timeless elegance, where history and nature intertwine to create a truly unique London wedding venue.

Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace London's top 10 wedding venues with great outdoor spaces

There’s something a little bit exhilarating about the prospect of a building with the word ‘palace’ in its title, don’t you think? Fulham Palace, with its evocative name and even more captivating setting, offers an unforgettable experience for your London garden wedding.

Exchange vows in the majestic Great Hall, its oak-panelled walls echoing with whispers of the past. Or, choose the breathtaking Bishop Sherlock’s Room, where sparkling chandeliers add a touch of regal elegance to your ceremony. In either space, you and your guests will be surrounded by priceless history, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your vows.

Beyond the magnificent interiors, Fulham Palace unfolds with 13 acres of stunning gardens. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand through the vibrant walled garden, bursting with blooms and fragrant with seasonal delights. Stand beneath the ancient and majestic 500-year-old oak, a symbol of strength and enduring love.

At Fulham Palace enjoy the chance to celebrate your wedding in a setting that resonates with history, surrounded by beauty and serenity.

Walthamstow Wetlands

walthsmstow wetlands londons top 10 wedding vneus with outdoor space

Opened in October 2017, this gorgeous space is London’s largest wetland. It is one of three venues available from the London Wildlife Trust. Its choice of ten reservoirs provides a range of stunning backdrops for your photography – from glittering London skyline to lush green islands. The Grade II listed Coppermill Tower soars above the trees, providing a platform with some seriously impressive panoramic views. The Engine House has been carefully restored, revamped and revitalised to provide a beautifully lofty, exposed brick space that can cater for ceremonies and receptions of up to 300 people.

With a variety of event spaces and stunning backdrops, the London Wetland Centre is a unique and special place to get married. The Engine House, a Grade II listed building, can accommodate up to 300 guests for a seated ceremony or reception. The Tower Room, located on the top floor of the Engine House, offers panoramic views of the wetlands and can accommodate up to 50 guests for a more intimate ceremony. The Discovery Centre, with its interactive exhibits, is a great place for wedding guests to explore before or after the ceremony.

The London Wetland Centre is also a licensed wedding venue, so you can get married on-site. The ceremony can take place in one of the many beautiful outdoor spaces, such as the Lakeside Pavilion or the Water’s Edge Deck. Several indoor spaces can be used for ceremonies, such as the Engine House and the Tower Room.

If you are looking for a unique and special place to get married in London, the London Wetland Centre is a great option. With its stunning setting, versatile event spaces, and experienced staff, the London Wetland Centre will help you create a wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

I hope these London wedding venues with green spaces have been a breath of fresh air for you, and left you feeling inspired about your London garden wedding. If your venue hunt continues, check out my round-up of light-filled and lovely orangery-style venues in London and beyond, and make sure you check back here for the next in the venue edit series – it’s a must for all you foodies out there.

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to bring what’s in your head to life, and need some creative support and guidance along the way, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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