The real reason why I’m a wedding planner

th ereal reason why i m a wedding planner always andri wedding design

Family, friendship, and love are hugely important to me. Blame it on my big heart and Greek heritage, but I really do love to see couples enjoying themselves, and the guests connecting with the couple through the little details. From the personalised favours, to the bouquet full of grandmother’s favourite blooms, to menu ingredients inspired by their travels. Nothing beats a room full of emotions, of happiness and joy that surround the wedding couple.

But before you can get to that blissful celebration, it can be really daunting planning a wedding. This is probably the first time you’ve had to put on such a large event for all your friends and family. It can be hard to know where to start and where to best spend your money. There’s no getting round that it’s a big expense and you’ll have to navigate the expectations from your friends and family early on. Your parents might want to invite friends, business colleagues, or distant relations, and before you know it, it can feel like it has become a big production that is nothing to do with your relationship!

You’ll also have to deal with other people’s expectations of what a wedding should look like. Weddings are rooted in so much history and tradition that it can leave you feeling that decisions you’re making are not based on what you want, but on what others expect your wedding to include. Advice is everywhere. From the magazine telling you what kind of cake or flowers are traditional for the season, to your Uncle telling you that a proper wedding should be held at a hotel complete with classic chair covers (just say no to chair covers-please). But does any of that advice or tradition really say anything about who you are as a couple?

What I love about weddings these days is that couples have got options. And lots of them. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to planning your wedding. Things have moved on so rapidly, that you don’t need to feel as tied to wedding expectations. You can have a wedding that means something personal to you and you can pick and choose the traditions you want to have. Maybe you’ll even create new traditions and have new ideas that fit the wedding you want, that fits you as a couple.

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I really believe that planning a wedding can, and should be, a fun process. It’s such an exciting time after you’ve just got engaged and you’re looking forward to committing to each other for the rest of your lives. And the wedding is a celebration of that marriage, it’s a celebration of what you’re about to do as you embark on this amazing journey. You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of planning, and it shouldn’t be causing family tension because ‘someone says this and someone said that’. Yet, so often these minor stresses get magnified because you’re juggling so many details all at once…

Every day there’s a new decision to be made. You’ve got the perfect venue to look for, contacting more suppliers than you thought you’d ever need, and those Pinterest boards won’t organise themselves.

With all the choices to be made, sometimes it just feels very overwhelming and like there’s too much to do. Because remember that while you’re planning this wedding, you’re still dealing with everyday life. You still need to get up and go to work, you still need to meet with friends, go to the gym, do the weekly food shop, call your mum… Life doesn’t stop so you can plan a wedding.

When you work with a wedding consultant in London, they can take away all those little nitty-gritty tasks that need to be done to make the day happen. They’ll do all the research and legwork, and they already know the suppliers.

I’ve got a ‘little black book’ of tried and trusted wedding suppliers that I’ve worked with before, which means I can see who’ll be good fit for your wedding straight away. So all you need to do is make that final decision, the planner essentially hands you the choices on a plate, cutting out all that initial research. You just need to make time to go to the food and cake tasting, and because you’ve not spent hours online looking at options, it really is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning!

And when it comes to the day itself, you can relax knowing someone is there for you, taking care of all the logistics and making everything look pretty. You won’t be distracted and preoccupied. You won’t have to cover up sleepless nights spent worrying about the table plans. You can just give into the moment and the realisation that you’re finally getting married to the love of your life, and you’ve got all your friends and family around you.

This really is why I only plan weddings. Whatever anyone else says, to me, a wedding isn’t just like any other event production. I’ve seen the difference that having proper, practical help can make to frazzled couples and I’m hooked. I want to be there for my couples. To support them and give them the space and time to focus on each other. And for them to never lose sight of the most important bit- the exciting life they’re beginning as a married a couple.

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