Should You DIY Your Wedding?

Should You DIY Your Wedding - Always Andri

There are those who are blessed with the skills of a couture seamstress and aren’t afraid to wield a glue gun with ample proficiency. There are those who weren’t blessed with the crafting gene but are enthusiastic about giving it a try. And there are those who believe you should outsource to wedding professionals. Should you DIY your wedding? There’s no right or wrong answer as to whether you ought to DIY elements of your wedding, but today I’m looking at the arguments for and against getting your craft on.

It can be nice to have time to sit down and quietly get creative when your mind is overrun with wedding plans. There’s something almost therapeutic about taking your mind off everything whilst you concentrate on the task at hand – a bit of jewellery making in front of the TV, creating invites with your fiancé or bottling homemade preserves for favours might be the perfect escape.

Planning a wedding can be quite time consuming in itself, but if you’re committed and are prepared to give up your free time to DIY tasks then go for it. Don’t be afraid to enlist friends and family to get all hands on deck!

Should You DIY Your Wedding - Always Andri

Top Tips
Plan ahead. Ensure you not only have time to make everything you need, but also have time to do the rest of your wedding planning tasks.

Work out what your time is worth. DIY tasks can be labour intensive so if you don’t want to give up precious weekends off and spare evenings, it might not be for you.

Be selective about what you DIY. Choose your projects wisely and play to your strengths.

Research is key. There are lots of online tutorials, books and blogs to help with your project(s).

Practice! Trial runs and mock-ups will save time and money in the long run.

Ask friends and family if they have any hidden talents that they might like to utilise to help DIY something for your wedding

Mix and match DIY items with professional services. Design your own stationery but get it professionally printed before you add decorative finishing touches, for example.

Research free downloadable templates for DIY stationery.

Finish early. Don’t leave too much to do to avoid finishing things off on your wedding morning.

Don’t feel you have to take on DIY tasks because it’s on trend. You won’t enjoy it and it’ll show in the end results.

Should You DIY Your Wedding - Always Andri

Research how much it will cost to make something versus buying it, hiring it, or getting someone else to make it for you. You might think you’re saving money but in the end find that it will be more cost effective to go direct to a retailer – particularly one who is a specialist.

Make a list of all the things you think you’d like to craft for your wedding and then take a look at how much time each element will take. Be realistic, overestimate the time it will take and look seriously at the time you have available to work on it. Choose only those you think you can fit in and do well.

DIY should be fun, something to look back on and remember fondly. These simple touches can often be the most meaningful to your guests, but don’t forget that no one is expecting you to make your whole wedding. There’s a reason that there’s a professional industry who do these things all the time and that’s to save you from doing it!

Should You DIY Your Wedding - Always Andri

Perhaps you love the idea doing a bit of DIY for your wedding but are worried about finding the time to fit in the planning too? Get in touch with me today to dicusss my wedding planning services, let me do the planning while you have fun creating and crafting!

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