10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Micro Wedding

Forget the pressure of a huge guest list! Intimate weddings are taking centre stage, and for good reason. Micro weddings, with a guest list typically ranging from 10 to 50 people, offer a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your love. While guest restrictions might be a thing of the past, there are many advantages to having an intimate celebration. Whether you’re drawn to a smaller, more focused gathering or simply want to prioritize specific aspects of your wedding day, a micro wedding can be the perfect choice. So, if you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s personal, stress-free, and full of joy, an intimate wedding might be the perfect fit for you. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider a micro wedding for your big day.

bride and goom look out of window at micro wedding reception

1. Focus on what really matters to you both

A wedding should always be about what means something to you as a couple, but we all know what it’s like… your grandma thinks you should do something her way, and Aunt Mary has an opinion on everything. It can leave you making decisions based on pleasing other people instead of creating the day of your dreams.

A micro wedding throws caution to the wind. It lets you be you, and you can do things your way (which I always encourage!). You can make meaningful choices, and choose the elements you love. You can also leave out the bits you don’t like. And you can really personalise the day with all of your favourite things.

2. Guest list

With the current rule only allowing 15 people at your wedding, by law, you can just invite those who are truly special to you. In my experience as a planner (of over ten years), guest lists can be one of the biggest headaches when planning your wedding. Family politics can come into play and couples can feel intense pressure to invite people they don’t really want to be part of their day. A law enforcing only 15 people in total at your wedding, takes the burden and pressure off of your choices as a couple. And you can spend the day with the people that matter to you most.

3. More Time with Your Guests At A Micro Wedding

Less guests means more quality time with them all. At larger weddings it can be hard to make sure you’ve said hello to everyone, let alone have any lovely conversations. A smaller guest list makes for a more welcoming reception. No one needs to feel left out, and you get to enjoy the company of all your guests.

4. Budget Goes Further

We all know, weddings can get expensive. With each additional head count, your budget has to stretch further and further. Of course, you can’t put a price on marrying the love of your life, and wedding planning shouldn’t just come down to money. But an intimate wedding gives you more control on how and where you spend your budget. And it means you can afford to spend more on the things that are important to you and or get creative with your choice of venues like these unique London wedding venues.

5. Spoil Your Guests

Making your guests’ experience second to none is most people’s dream. You want your wedding to be the best they’ve ever been to… an unforgettable celebration. That can be hard when you’re planning something big. Having a micro wedding means you can spoil your guests. Think, the best food they’ve ever eaten at a wedding, everything personalised for each of them (from drinks to gifts), and special touches that make everyone feel incredible.

6. Splash Out On Your Suppliers

Having a micro wedding means you might also be able to splash out on the photographer, flowers, made-to-measure outfits, or any other supplier and element you’ve always dreamt about.

Beautiful photographs and videos of your wedding day are priceless at the best of times, but even more so when you have additional loved ones who can’t be part of your day. You might be able to ask for extra copies of your favourite photos, and share images and films with guests who can’t be invited.

Being able to choose an incredible photographer, videographer, florist, or designer, who you might not have been able to afford on a tighter budget, will make the day even more special.

A little note about the rule of 15 people: it doesn’t apply to anyone working at the wedding, i.e. your suppliers.

7. Create Elements Yourself

With less guests to organise, and possibly less suppliers to manage, an intimate wedding gives you more time to craft or create unique elements yourself – to make the day even more personal. All those wonderful touches you’ve seen on Pinterest but thought you wouldn’t have the time to make.

8. More Relaxed Vibe And Less Spotlight

There can be so much stress involved with a larger wedding. From the planning to the day itself. Although, obviously, that’s where a wedding planner can help! But a micro wedding can have a more relaxed vibe.

If you don’t enjoy being centre of attention, less guests means less eyes on you. Let’s face it, the idea of standing up in front of a packed room of your friends and family can feel a bit daunting. With less guests around you, and only your very nearest and dearest present, you can relax knowing you won’t feel uncomfortable on your big day.

You can also be more open about your hopes and dreams in your vows and ceremony, and share more of your story as a couple, without feeling self-conscious.

9. Shorter Lead Time For A Micro Wedding

A well designed and styled wedding usually involves lots of detail. As a creative London wedding planner, I should know! But with fewer people to cater for, and therefore smaller orders for suppliers to arrange, a micro wedding means you can have a shorter lead time.

10. Combine it with a mini-moon

Perhaps you like the idea of a destination wedding but don’t think it would be possible with a large guest list. With an intimate wedding, it could be an opportunity to make a weekend of it, or even a mini-moon.

bride holding bouquet with groom with caliigraphy backdrop at micro wedding

See, there are many reasons why a micro wedding isn’t a boring compromise. A wedding sticking to the rule of 15 people can be just as special as a larger celebration, if not more so. And, you can still have a big anniversary party or vow renewal with all your friends another year. After everything 2020 has thrown us we may all need a big party!

As a creative wedding planner in London, the South East, and beyond, I can help create your perfect intimate wedding. Whether it’s during the pandemic or after. It’s not just big weddings I design and plan. I can take any stress off your shoulders so you can totally relax and I have experience working to short timescales. I also know how to manage suppliers even when difficulties crop up. And, when there is so much uncertainty at the moment, having an experienced planner on your side can be a weight off your mind.

If you’re considering a micro wedding, out of choice or necessity, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

All images by Maja Tsolo Photography, from Hidden London Wedding venue– The Charterhouse photo shoot

At Always Andri we are passionate about making your wedding day truly memorable. With 15 years of experience wedding planning in London, we specialise in creating a distinctive celebration of your love story while saving you a whole lot of time and stress.

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