A to Z of Wedding Planning C for Ceremony

Today I’m back with my next instalment of my A to Z of Wedding Planning, today it’s C for Ceremony


Today I wanted to focus on your ceremony because for me that it really is the most important bit of the day, after all that is when you actually get married and I think it’s very easy when you’re planning your wedding and you get sidetracked by ‘The Pretty Things’,  beautiful flowers, the yummy cakes, the delicious food, to sometimes neglect the ceremony a little bit . So I just wanted to remind you not to forget about your wedding ceremony.

Really think about what you want to say each to other, what your vows are and the promises you want to make to each other and have a little think about maybe how you can involve friends and family during the ceremony, think about your reading choices, the music etc – the ways you can personalise the ceremony.

I think it’s quite lovely when you do find ways to personalise your wedding ceremony. I’ve had weddings in the past where the readings have been personalised poems written by friends, or songs sung by loved ones –  I did one last year where the guests who were unable to make it were asked to send in their top tips for married life and we made this into a reading, that was really lovely and very personal and it was a way of acknowledging those that weren’t able to make the big day.

So my quick tip for today is don’t neglect your ceremony- it’s a really important part – it’s what this whole day is about – you making your promises to each other to love and adore each other throughout your married life, to respect each other, to be there for each other, so remember to take some time during planning to think about it.

I’ve also set up a business as a wedding celebrant because the ceremony is really important to me. You can find out more about my symbolic celebrant services on my new website here at Andri Benson Ceremonies




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