A to Z of Wedding Planning B for Budget

This week I’m sharing my  video on A to Z of Wedding Planning B for Budget


A lot  has been said recently about  the cost of weddings spiralling out of control but really ultimately whether you  spend £5000 or £50000 it’s really up to you how much you spend on your wedding but my advice is that you you only spend what you can afford to spend – no one wants to start married life in debt.

It can sometimes be hard knowing where to start? Think of it in terms of if you were to take a friend out for a lovely three course meal with wine and how much would you pay in the location where you’re getting married?  I know in central London you’re probably looking at £100+ a head for a really nice meal out so if you put that into context of the kind of wedding you are having it can give you a baseline starting point for food and drink when you need to start to price up your wedding.

You really need to think about how much you have to spend as well as much you want spend and also do your research around weddings in YOUR area, not national averages.Using the example of London it does tend to be a lot more expensive than other areas in the UK.

Aslo you need to think about what kind of wedding do you want and does that marry with the kind of money you’ve got to spend? There is a big difference between a very relaxed laid back wedding or one that is very formal with  3 course silver service dining.

Do your wedding research in your area to find out what kind of venues and supplies are available and what are they charging; then you can probably put together an idea of how much you want to budget for your wedding

I have done a rather extensive blog post on this before which you can find here

Remember to research and plan so you  don’t  start married in life in debt




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