A to Z of Wedding Planning K for Kids

K for Kids

Back this week with the next instalment of my A to Z of wedding planning and it’s K for Kids.

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Kids at weddings, this can be one of those slightly controversial topics. For some it wouldn’t be a wedding without kids, for others they feel it’s not quite right for the vibe of their wedding party.

Whichever route you decide to take, think about the kind of wedding you are having and be upfront and honest with your guests about it one way or the other

If it’s going to be a lovely day time event, with lots space for the kids to play and have a run around, it often adds to the atmosphere of your wedding day to have kids there and can be lovely.

If having more of an evening do and the location is not particularly kid friendly, then it may be better not to have kids there.

Weigh up the pros and cons of having children there and what you want to do about it so you can decide whether or not to have kids at your wedding.

Advice if not having children at wedding

If you do go down the “no kids” route let your guests know. Be really clear on the invitation suite by including a little note there will no kids below a certain age.

For the specific guests I think it’s a nice touch to send them a personal note letting them know why you have decided to not invite children to the wedding. A personal handwritten note can go a long way.

Bear in mind sometimes the children don’t want to come – as parents we will ask our son if he want to go to a wedding and sometimes he’d rather stay home with his grandparents – children may not always want to come!

So you may feel bad about not inviting kids but parents sometimes look forward to a children free day out and happy to get a babysitter in as hey know this kids would rather not go to a wedding.

Top tips if having children at wedding

If kids are there- it’s a nice touch to cater for the kids in some way- what will they be eating? As well having a children friendly meal (your caterers should be able to supply an alternative to the adult meal), make sure there are children friendly snacks and drinks too.

If lots of children will be there it’s a good idea to have a separate room for them, somewhere they can play, make a mess and not get under the guests’ feet.

Will there be child friendly activities/games for them? Good to have activities and games that can keep them occupied.

If the budget will allow think about booking a wedding crèche. They work really well but you need to bear it in mind at the venue search stage – is there a room big enough to accommodate the crèche?

Final tips…

If not having kids at a wedding do let the parents know and why, make it clear on the invitation suite.

If are having kids at wedding consider having activities for them- creche or activity pack, put their tables near exits to other areas so they can have a run around during some of the less child friendly moments – like speeches. How can you make it easier for the parents so they can all enjoy themselves?

Just remember you want the kids to have as a much fun as the adults.

If you’re struggling with the best way to plan for children at your wedding do get in touch today to have a chat with me about how I can help you plan your child friendly wedding day!

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