A to Z of wedding planning WXYZ…

Back this week for the last instalment of my A to Z of wedding planning, I’ve combined the last 4 letters W, X, Y, Z into one video. If you’ve no time to watch the video than read the transcript below.

Hi it’s Andri here, I’m back for I think will be my last instalment of my A to Z of wedding planning. I’ve only got four letters left I want to round out quickly with the last four letters. That, and they’re kind of difficult letters to find matches for. So I’ve still got W, X, Y and Z so I think it’ll be a quick one really.


So W. Obviously weddings would be the obvious one but I want you to think about welcomes. How are you going to welcome the guests on the day and think about starting that welcome even before the wedding day. How much information you give them, be very welcoming as it were and give them lots of information that’s really helpful. Also, consider if you’ve got a lot of out of town guests, beautiful welcome boxes or welcome bags are really lovely and particularly good for putting in my little local finds, that’s always a really nice touch, think local foods and drinks, particularly for guests coming in from out of town.


And then X. Oh, I was thinking what to do for X. I think X for the X-Factor when you’re thinking of a wedding, how can you give it that X-Factor? And I think in many ways it combines with my Y for You. So I think really the way to give your wedding that little bit of X-Factor is really put YOU into that day. Really personalise it and make it quite meaningful to you both. By adding in those little extra details you give the wedding day that little bit of X-Factor. Just really personalise the day and make it you.


What ways are there of adding you into your day? By adding in those little extra special touches, is often the best thing to do. Just add those little elements. Think about all the different aspects of how you can really help your guests really enjoy the day, things like great entertainment and food you love, they all come together to give your wedding that bit of X-Factor and a bit of you into the day.

Z FOR Zzzzz

And that finally brings me to Z and the only thing I can think of when I was thinking of Z was Z for zzzzz sleep. Having little z’s as it were. Make sure during your wedding planning you get lots of rest and self-care and don’t get so wrapped up in the planning process that you forget to take care of yourselves and each other. It’s really important that you take the time out away from the wedding during the planning stage. Take a look at my blog post on “How to keep the romance alive while wedding planning” for more advice on this.

So that was a really quick round for my last four letters. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little A to Z set of wedding planning. You can see in my videos there’s lots more so do feel free to go back and have a look. Again, any questions, let me know.

If you need some help, do get in touch. I’m always here and would love to chat weddings because I do love weddings. Have a great one. Take care.



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