How to Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Wedding Morning

It’s nearly time. You’ve worked through the planning process, hopefully having some fun along the way, and now your wedding celebrations are in sight. The party is one thing but first you have to get through the morning preparations. Feeling nervous? Don’t worry – here’s my expert advice for how to keep calm and enjoy your wedding morning.


Let’s slow things down a little. It’s a week before your wedding. What do you need to do? Answer: be prepared.

Think about the timings of the day carefully. I wrote a great post about wedding timings over on Bridal Musings and you can see my A to Z of wedding planning top tips on wedding timings here. Build in contingency. Talk to suppliers to know how much time they will need. Allow for things running over or taking longer (especially if guests need to move around). Then send each supplier a schedule for the day, along with any further information they might need – and give them a main contact outside of the bridal party, such as a wedding planner/coordinator or good friend, who you will have briefed beforehand. That way suppliers won’t need to bother you with any questions (answering supplier queries won’t help you enjoy your wedding morning!).

Don’t forget to check if suppliers have any dietary requirements, if you need to feed them, and settle any balances due.


Create a box or bag for each table, if you’re having a sit-down meal. Include everything from the table number/name to place cards and decorations, and put a mini table plan in each box/bag to help when setting the table.

Think about all areas of your venue and where details such as flowers, décor, and props are going to go. Do mini mock-ups, if you can, and give photos and set-up notes to your main contact. Think about the end of the day. Does décor have to be removed on the night? Can someone pick stuff up the next day? Who will take your belongings home? And whilst you’re at it – plan for who will tidy everything up (if not your venue staff) and keep your wedding presents and keepsakes safe.


Get yourself ready. Wear in your shoes and check the soles don’t slip. Pack your overnight bag and suitcase (if you’re going on honeymoon) and make a plan to get luggage to the right places at the right time.

Create a timetable for the morning of the wedding and share it with relevant suppliers (e.g. hair and makeup artists and your photographer/videographer) and your wedding party. Check every member of your wedding party has all their clothes, shoes, and accessories – from cufflinks to jewellery and from shirts to pashminas.

Get any gifts you intend to hand out before or during the reception, ready. Then ask a member of your wedding party, or someone you trust, to look after them and pull them out when needed.

bride in rollers having her makeup done on wedding morning


Keep calm! Now is not the time to be changing big decisions or panicking that things won’t go to plan. You need a good night’s sleep.

If you’ve hired a wedding planner/coordinator they will have everything in hand for you. It’s their job. I personally see it as one of my main priorities – to take the stress off your shoulders. If you don’t have a professional planner then delegate. Any worries – let your wedding party know and get them on it…you do NOT need to be stressing the night before your wedding.


Remember what the day is all about. Yes, you’ve spent a long time thinking about this day and putting plans in place but, ultimately, you’re about to marry the love of your life. Your wedding is just one chapter in your love story, the real fun is about to begin. Send each other messages, if you can, thinking of each other and remembering you’re in this together.

It’s going to be a long day so on the morning of your wedding – eat something. And drink the odd glass of water in amongst the champagne!

Choose your getting ready companions wisely. You don’t have to have every person and their dog in your space. If someone stresses you out – book them a separate room.

Lastly – let it go! Stay in the moment, keep calm and enjoy your wedding morning. There is no point worrying about any what-ifs or maybes on the morning of your wedding. Things might go wrong…so what? You will still have an amazing celebration.

Still feeling stressed by the planning process or the thought of creating the biggest celebration of your life? Worried you’re not going to be able to keep calm and enjoy your wedding morning? Get in touch.    

Photographs by Siobhan H Photography

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