What is a first look and do you want one?

So what is a “first look”? Traditionally the first time a couple see each other on their wedding day is at the ceremony but it’s becoming more popular to have a “first look” before that moment. This originally American tradition is spreading swiftly. Many couples want to eternalise this moment due to its sentimental value. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of what is a first look.

Benefits of having a first look

Moment of calm

Enjoy this private moment with your partner without the scrutiny of others or the weight of expectations. If you’re feeling anxious, is there a better person to talk to than the person you love? Since they are experiencing the same thing, they will be able to relate to you completely. 

The first glance provides an opportunity for shared intimacy and a moment of calm where you can just be together. 

Special private moment

With all the excitement, your wedding day might go by without you spending meaningful time with your partner. A wedding first look lets you connect, take everything in, and remember what you’re celebrating.  

Exchange personal vows

Not every couple feels comfortable becoming emotional with friends and family watching. A heartwarming alternative is to read your vows to each other at your first look. First looks take the burden off your ceremony, offer you an intimate moment alone, and let you say your vows privately – a win-win for many couples!

First look + late/winter wedding= the perfect pre-wedding photo session

If you’re having a winter wedding then chances are by the time you’re married it will be dark. By having a first look with a photographer there to capture the moment you can get some lovely photographs in daylight and when you’re both looking your best as you’ve just got ready. 

More time with your guests

If you know you want to have time for portraits together and/or with family members but you’re having a late wedding it may be hard to find time to fit in those all-important photos. By having a first look you can also fit in some of those important photographs. This will save you time later,  leaving you more of the wedding to celebrate with your guests afterwards. 

Why you might not want a first look? 

To see or not to see one another?

Some couples feel superstitious about seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. If that’s the case with you, it’s okay not to spoil the fun just yet! Your guests will also be able to share the emotional moment with you both and you’ll have a memorable story to share in the future.

There may not be time

If you decide on having a first look, you’ll need to ensure you’re ready a little earlier, which might not be possible with an early wedding.  You also don’t want to be having a photoshoot at midday on a sunny day as that may make it tricky for the photos, unless you like harsh shadows then go for it! 

I hope I’ve answered your question about what is a first look! Regardless of what kind of wedding you’re planning, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before deciding on having a first look. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so do what makes you happy. If this intimate moment is something you’re interested in, I’d love to organise the whole experience for you. 

Feel free to contact me and discover more about my wedding planning services!

Photography by Fiona Kelly and Nigel John

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