What is a wedding planning consultation?

What is a wedding planning consulation? Wedding planning advice Always Andri WEdding design photo Anushe Low stationery Gemma Milly

Advice from a Hampshire Wedding Planner – So the big question’s been asked and you excitedly start your wedding planning journey together-now what? As you look for a wedding planner (or any wedding supplier) you will see that most offer a consultation or introductory meeting before committing to booking them so what does this involve?

A wedding planner consultation is a chat in person or via Skype to go over your plans; a chance for the planner to learn more about your wedding, how you see the day, what your feelings and emotions about it are. Any thoughts you have on the look and design of the day, if you’ve booked the venue or any other suppliers, such as the florist, photographer etc. To get to know what you love and hate about weddings and what your priorities are.

They will also ask you about any concerns you have, perhaps over the planning timescale and budget; issues there may be with family and friends and their expectations for your day; logistical concerns about where the wedding might be held; fitting in planning the wedding around work commitments.

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As well as being a chance for the wedding planner to get know you both it’s also an opportunity for you to get know them better, learn a bit about them as wedding planner, their experience and background, their process, how you’ll work together to plan your wedding. You getting to know your wedding planner is a vital as them getting to know you because at the end of the day you will be all working closely together to plan your big day and it’s important you all get on.

Following the consultation the planner will put together a proposal that covers your discussion, what their service covers and details how they can help you plan your wedding; from this you can decide whether you’d like to book or not. A good proposal will also show you how well the planner has understood your vision of the day but don’t expect it give you venue and supplier recommendations and design ideas these will come once you’ve booked the planner and you start working together.

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So a consultation is really just a chance for you to chat with the wedding planner and get to know each other better as ultimately hiring a wedding planner is a big commitment and it’s important that you are happy with your choice. It may be tempting when looking at different planners (or any suppliers for that matter) to go on price alone but by meeting with them at a consultation be that in person or via Skype you can also take into consideration how good a fit you are and decide if you really want to work together.

Thinking about booking a wedding planner to help you plan that perfect wedding day?

Get in touch with me today to book your free wedding planning consultation and you’ll be one step closer to an enjoyable engagement and a dream wedding day.

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