A to Z of wedding planning D for Date Night


This week I’m talking about D for date night, you may be wondering what date night had got to do with wedding planning? Well wedding planning can be stressful,  it can be busy, it can take up a lot of your time and I’m firm believer that you really need to make time for you both as a couple not just thinking about the wedding all the time- take a bit of time out occasionally and think about what else you can do to keep the romance alive while you’re planning your wedding because it can be stressful, planning can be tricky.

So right at the beginning with should work out who will do what and play to each other’s strengths,  what are you both good at in wedding planning? Create a task list early and decide who’s on he’s going to be what but also do some of the fun things together  like choosing your first dance, or creating your reception drinks cocktail.  And think of taking some time talking about your ceremony, what you’re going to do for your vows. Plan your honeymoon together that’s always lots of fun. But aside from the wedding planning tasks I think it’s really important you have ‘wedding talk’ free nights and weekends. Set aside time maybe once a week or once a month where you can have your date night and plan some fun things that you can do together maybe visit places that you’ve always wanted to go to, weekends away- think about places that have meaning to you both-  were you first got together, had a first date.

Remember to give yourselves time off from wedding planning, time off from it all, have your ‘Date night’ and do things together, take time out from the wedding planning to as well as like sharing cost of doing things together we’re going to communicate with each other ideas to take as well . Take time during your wedding planning, as well sharing tasks and  doing things together , take time out of wedding planning as well, give yourself a break form the planning and focus on each other and your relationship.

For more tip and ideas on how to keep the romance alive while wedding planning take a look at my blog post here, and for 10 delightful date night ideas here


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