A to Z of Wedding Planning F for Flowers

Today in my A to Z of Wedding Planning I’m talking aobut one of my favourite topics Flowers.

Here’s a little recap of the video

Flowers are one of my favorite things at a wedding, they can really add and enhance to the wedding and create a beautiful aura and feeling on your day, so here are my top tips for choosing your wedding florsit and flowers:

What style of floristry?

Choosing your florist – there is an amazing array of florists out there, they all have their own distinct style. Have a look around and think about what kind of florist you want for your wedding day, all have their own style. Some work with very seasonal British flowers, somework with purely flowers, so are very flower heavy, not use much foliage, tight knit flowers, a very glamorous look. Some have a looser styles use large big blousy blooms, softer asymmetric/ organic look. Others like to work with lots unusual foliages and plants, including foraging. Think about what kind of flowers do you like? Choose a florist that suits the type of flowers you like. Don’t go to someone who is very floral heavy if you prefer a looser more organic foliage heavy style. Choose the florist that will suit your wedding style.

What do you flowers do you need?

When you approach your florist have a rough idea of what flowers you want on your wedding day,eg how many tables , what personal flowers do you need? Create with a rough list of what and the quantities needed.

What’s your budget?

Have a budget in mind on how much you want to spend, be realistic, don’t go purely on the average prices listed in magazines, research what is around in the area, look at florists’ website if they have starting prices listed to get an ideas of costs; put a ballpark figure together based on what you need, number of tables etc, ceremony, personal flowers etc – but bear in mind that the more tables you have the more it will cost

Are your flowers in season?

Think about the types of flowers you want, their seasonality. Peonies are a good example, everyone loves them but they have a very short season, if you are getting married out of season they will be hard to source, may have to import them, so will cost more. Talk to your florist  about what is and isn’t in season around your wedding day and any alternatives. If you really want something that is out of season be prepared to pay more for it.

Where can you put flowers in your venue?

Think about where you want to put your flowers, try not to spread your flowers to thinly, sometimes better to make an impact in a couple of more focal areas rather than trying to spread it out everywhere with little small arrangements

There you go that’s my top tips on flowers for your wedding day I hope that was helpful remember as always if you have any questions to get in touch, thanks, take care.


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