Bridal Party Duties Part 2: The Best Man


When you’re choosing your bridal party you’re probably going to be thinking about your closest friends and family, and who you want to play a starring role. But did you realise that these people can actually make a huge difference to the smooth running of the day and your stress levels?

And if you’ve just been asked to be in a loved one’s bridal party, it isn’t all party party party. You have a real opportunity to be of proper, practical help. The kind of support that can make or break a wedding day!

So continuing in my series of posts about what you should expect if you’re part of the bridal party, I’m talking about the best man today.


Help! What does the best man do?

When you’re asked to be a best man, you’ll probably just focus on the stag do and the speech but there’s much more to the job than that. You need to be an organiser, a friend, a fountain of all knowledge and a wedding day floor manager. The best of the best men know everything about the wedding day and go out of their way to make the groom look good. Here’s what you need to know…

Planning – firstly, don’t underestimate the time it takes to plan and organise a great stag do. Start working it out early and get ahead of the game. Ask an usher to help you, find out who needs to be invited and get a group chat going so everyone knows each other before the weekend arrives. If you’re not comfortable with all that planning, ask for help, use a stag do company or just keep it simple.

Preparing – you’re not any old wedding guest; you’re the best man so you need to know what’s going to be going on and when on the big day. Read through the schedule and plan- store the numbers of key suppliers in your phone and even visit the venue beforehand. Find out if there are any family situations you need to be aware of too and keep an eye on these on the day.


Organising – if suits are being hired or if items need collecting before the wedding day, you need to know that everything is under control. Run through the details with the bride, groom (and wedding planner!) well in advance to find out what you can do and what still needs organising.

Managing – on the wedding day, you’ll need to make sure the groom is in the right place at the right time, that everything has been done and that all the suppliers have been paid. Help move guests from the ceremony to the reception, ensure that the ushers are looking after everyone and that guests and suppliers have everything they need.

Speaking – yes, the speech and it’s down to you here. I can’t tell you what to say but prepare and practice. Don’t be too rude or set out to embarrass guests and always compliment the bride. If you’re nervous, keep it simple and if you’re feeling creative, films and photos can be a fabulous touch. Avoid all those wedding clichés and most importantly, don’t drink too much beforehand!

Whether your friend has chosen you as best man because you’re a natural born organiser, you always give an honest opinion on his dodgy fashion sense, or you’ve just known each other since school, the best thing you can do is to just be there for him. Anticipate how you can help, put the effort in, and know that he would do the same for you!

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